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Best Seller!

Best Seller!

Local Filmmaker
Portrait of Yellowstone Pioneer Women
Pioneer Women
Our Price: $26.95

Makes a Great Gift!
Brand New Book!
Brand New Book!
Brand New Book!

Jackson Hole Cooks
Our Price: $22.95

Best Seller!
10 Best of Everything National Parks
Letters from Jackson Hole
Our Price: $21.95

by Huntley Baldwin

Marking the Sparrow's Fall Hardback

Brand New Book!
Essential Knots Eyewitness to the Old West
Essential Knots
Our Price: $19.95

Two in the Far North
Our Price: $18.99

The Geologic Story Of Grand Teton National Park
published by Grand Teton Natural History Association

Geology is the science of the Earth-the study of the forces, processes, and past life that not only shape our land but influence our daily lives and our Nation's welfare. This booklet, prepared by two members of the U.S. Geological Survey, discusses how geologic phenomena are responsible for the magnificent scenery of the Teton region.

Winner of the 2004 Regional Reference category from the Mountains and Plains Booksellers Association


The Solace of Open Spaces
Our Price: $16.00

by Gretel Ehrlich
Rising From The Plains
Our Price: $16.00

Meditations of Ralph Waldo Emerson